Мельников Николай Николаевич Melnikov Nikolai
academician RAS, professor
Research Director of the Mining Institute of the Kola Science Centre RAS
Tel.:+7 (81555) 74342
Fax:+7 (81555) 47625  
E-mail: root@goi.kolasc.net.ru

Melnikov Nikolai Nikolayevich was born on 25th of July 1938. Graduated from the Moscow Mining Institute in 1960 he had started from shift engineer in Sokolovsko-Sarbaisk mining and processing enterprise and became the project chief engineer of Petrofina Canada Ltd. company. Doctor of Science (1974), professor (1977), corresponding member of AS USSR (1990), academician RAS (1997).

Since 1981 Nikolai Melnikov leads the Mining Institute of the Kola Science Center RAS. The Institute passed through hard time for the country and took its next steps forward for further development, worldwide recognition, became a leading one in some mining branches. Under the direction of Melnikov N.N. over research schools there have been carried out fundamental works on country’s underground space use for nuclear power facilities and radioactive waste disposal, for construction of special objects of state importance, complex development of ore deposits under complicated mining-geological conditions.

N.N. Melnikov took an active part in feasibility of construction and development of Kansk-Achinsk and Southern Yakutiya fuel and energy complexes as well as Krasnoyarsk plant of heavy excavators’ construction. He took part in some international projects relating to radioactive waste disposal, Chernobyl NPP accident management, proposed the concept and managed the project development on long-term disposal of safety block in cooperation with the Institutes of Ministry of Nuclear Energy.

Paying much attention to integration of fundamental and applied research N.N. Melnikov took the lead and organizing of the research in the topical for mining industry direction – development of grounds for deep open-pit mining with the steep slope pitwalls in the finite position, appliance of cyclical-and-continuous technology. This approach allows increasing of efficiency for open-pit mining.  New research field is developed under the direction of N.N. Melnikov of providing geodynamic safety for oil and gas fields development in the Barents region

High proficiency personnel training is of great consideration for N.N. Melnikov. With his lead, the Dissertation Council has been organized in the Institute. Melnikov N.N. holds the chair of Mining in the Murmansk State Technical University and Petrozavodsk State University.

N.N.Melnikov is one of the acknowledged leaders in the country and abroad in mining. He is the author of more than 300 research works including 21 monographs. He has been twice laureate of the Council of Ministers of the USSR award and Government of the Russian Federation award.